Nicholas Sarno, Animatrix Studio Founder

At Animatrix Studio we take every detail seriously. We are design and animation nerds who care about producing the best visuals possible. We love working with our clients to see the unique ideas they have in mind and nothing brings us more excitement than seeing their reaction to the finished product. We’ve been honing our craft for over a decade and we love what we do.

Nicholas, the Animatrix Studio Founder, has been fascinated by special effects and animation since he was very young. Movies such as The Iron Giant, Toy Story, and The Land Before Time were captivating inspirations for his future career in the graphic design industry. He has touched many fields in the design space such as Virtual Reality, CGI Product Commercials, Company Logos, Web Design, Album Artwork, and Music Videos.

Animatrix Studio does a wide variety of design and animation so don’t hesitate to visit our Contact page and tell us what you need. We work very closely with each client and value a dialog before beginning any project.

We look forward to working with you to make your vision a reality!

Nicholas Sarno